GMO Free Lancaster County was formed in May of 2013 after our first March Against Monsanto. We are a diverse and dedicated group of citizens who have come together to empower our community to reclaim our right to a safe environment and healthy food.  

Dan Hinkle


Dan Hinkle is a founding member of GMO Free Lancaster County. He has been an Episcopal priest for thirty-three years. Dan's involvement in GMO Free Lancaster County stems from his Biblically informed beliefs that mother earth and the food she provides are sacred, gifts from the good Creator and meant for our health and wellbeing. He also believes that all things are ultimately connected. How we treat "this fragile earth, our island home," its creatures and one another ultimately impacts ourselves, our children and grandchildren for good or for evil. Dan and his wife, Barbara Peirce, strive to live a peaceful, sustainable lifestyle. They have switched to eating organic food, turned their lawn into a garden and support local organic farmers.



Mark Reed Direct Action Coordinator


I love gardening and I love my seeds. I also don't like herbicides and pesticides in my food. I think that patented seeds are a crime against nature. I believe the water, plants, and animals need to be protected for future generations to enjoy. These are just some of the reasons I am involved in GMO Free Lancaster County. 



Susan Love Outreach Coordinator


My hope as outreach coordinator is to discover and promote the local wealth of chemical free produce and products and to bring awareness to healthier options. I also hope to bring understanding of community rights to protect your rights to a chemical free environment.


 Zoe Swartz Founder and Director


I am committed to empowering our community to challenge chemical trespass and corporate harm. I am inspired by the idea that we, the people who live here, have the right to decide what happens here; we are responsible for what happens to our soil and to our bodies and we CAN say no to GMOs and their associated chemicals. I am the founder and director of GMO Free Lancaster County as well as the East Coast Leader for Moms Across America. I am extremely grateful to be among such dedicated, inspired, activists. 


Emily Givler, DSC Health Liason



Pediatric Nutrition Consultant

Dietary Supplements Counselor

Emily has been training and working in the natural health field for over a decade. She heads Pediatric Nutrition at Health by Design Natural Clinic in Leola, PA. She also works with clients of all ages on food sensitivities counseling, healthy weight loss, and healthy eating plans. Helping children is an area dear to her heart, both as a mother and because of the years she spent volunteer.htmling at the S. June Smith Center, working with children with special developmental needs. She is excited to be able to share the message about.html good nutrition and real food with her youngest clients and their families! Emily frequently speaks to community groups, offering educational talks on topics such as children’s nutrition, label reading, and Genetically Modified Foods. Please contact GMO Free Lancaster County if you are interested in having Emily speak to your group or organization.



Sheena Good Technology Coordinator


I have lived in Lancaster County for the past four years and have fallen in love with the people, our farmers and the localness of our community. I assist our group as a technology coordinator while also being a stay at home mom of twins.