Breast Milk Testing

Are you a nursing mom who would like to have your breast milk tested for the presence of glyphosate? GMO Free Lancaster County wants to talk to you! As part of our campaign to ban GMOs and their associated pesticides in Lancaster, we are sending ten breast milk samples from local moms into the lab. In April of last year, an organization that we partner with, Moms Across America, in conjunction with Sustainable Pulse, did the first ever testing of breast milk, but we need results from moms right here in Lancaster to rally the attention and support of our community in safe guarding our future from these dangerous chemicals. Our hope is to test breast milk from moms who are eating the "typical American diet", as well as a few moms who eat strictly organic for the sake of comparison. If you live in Lancaster City, your participation is even more important because that is our first area of focus for the ban. 

 The pilot study (check it out here: revealed levels of glyphosate in the breast milk of American women 760 to 1600 times higher than allowed in European Drinking Water. The presence of glyphosate bioaccumulation at any level, as proven by its presence in breast milk, is something that chemical manufacturers said could never happen. We believe that as an agricultural community, we are at a much greater risk of harm from this chemical. Our community has a right to know if there is RoundUp in our bodies and the bodies of our children, and we want to make testing available free of charge with our Glyphosate Testing Project. 

Interested? Please take this short survey and we will be in touch! Any questions can be directed to Zoe Swartz at 610-247-9849 or





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